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Ayano Yamana
A Tokyo based medical translator & medical writer.

Master degree in Molecular Biology
Graduated from the University of Tsukuba, Master's Program in Biosystem Studies.

As a Freelance medical translator
From Japanese to English and Japanese to English.
Specialized in medical, pharmaceutical, and biomedical fields.

[Medical Journal]
Oncology, orthopedics, cardiovascular medicine, gastrointestinal surgery, dermatology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, dentistry, and molecular biology.

[Pharmaceutical Document]
Common technical document (CTD), chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC), clinical trial protocol (Protocol), investigator's brochure (IB), case report form (CRF), informed consent form (ICF), NDA consultation for PMDA, post-marketing surveillance, and various reports for clinical trials.

[Biomedical/Life Science Field]
Genomic medicine, genome editing, precision medicine, gene recombination, protein labeling, antibody purification, affinity column, protein sequence, and electrophoresis.

Japanese (native)<> English

Windows 10
MS Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)